Cornell Cooperative Extension programs target the nearly 40,000 service members and military families in New York State, building upon the work of CCE Jefferson County,  other county associations, and extension faculty members at Cornell University.

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A few facts about veterans and military families in New York State:

  • New York State is home to nearly 900,000 Veterans
  • Seventy-two percent served during periods of combat
  • Approximately 88,000 New Yorkers served in Afghanistan or Iraq
  • Home to approximately 30,000 active duty military personnel as well as 30,000 National Guard and Reserve personnel
  • New York has the 4th largest number of veteran-owned small businesses in the country
  • New York hosts the largest military base in the northeast, Fort Drum, home to 18,000 Soldiers, 18,000 military family members and just under 4,000 civilian employees
  • New York is also home to the oldest service academy, the United States Military Academy at West Point which trains about 4,400 future Army officers annually
  • Outside of Fort Drum there are 3,600 Active Duty military members in New York
  • The New York Army and Air National Guard have a combined strength of 16,000 men and women
  • The federal reserve forces of the Army, Navy, Air Force and Marine Corps reserves count another 14,500 New Yorkers among their ranks


Cornell Cooperative Extension will provide coordination and support of existing programs within CCE and at Cornell University. The scope and scale of extension education programming targeting veterans will expand to meet the employment needs of disabled veterans, with an emphasis on serving those who are economically or educationally disadvantaged, including homeless veterans, and veterans with barriers to employment.

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Military Families

Affiliations with the U.S. Department of Defense/U.S. Department of Agriculture Military Extension Partnership will help leverage existing relationships with the Military Families Learning Network. The programmatic approach will increase community capacity to support military families, increase workforce development opportunities, and expand family, childcare and youth development programs.

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